Unusual christmas gift

Are you looking for an unusual Christmas gift this year? Well, I'm possibly your 1 woman answer - while you are of a Spiritual, enquiring and open-minded mind-set! I am of that mind-set and so have done my research to scour the net for innovative, new gift ideas the people would like to receive on Christmas morning. You're probably well aware of Astrology and horoscopes but have you heard of Numerology? Numerology is the science, psychology & philosophy of numbers. It is a scientific fact that all life and indeed inanimate objects give off vibrations. The Universe is full of vibrational frequencies & energy & so are we.

At a very basic level everything in the Universe is Mathematical. We could not, in fact live without numbers- they create order where there is chaos. Think of your day-to-day life. Where would we be without time? (Measured in numbers), how could we communicate over distance? (Phone numbers) How could someone find which house we lived in? (House numbers). How old are you? (Age is only a number!) Numerology is a very ancient science, made respectable in the 6th century BC by Pythagoras who, along with his Pythagoreans allocated numerical values to the letters of the alphabet. That's a very unusual and novel Christmas gift idea! This, in turn enabled sense to be made of the vibrational quality of each & everyone's names as well as their dates of birth.

Coming back to the modern age, Numerology charts/reports are now written that give amazingly accurate insights to personality traits, karmic lessons, health indications, name analysis and predictions for the future. There are some excellent websites offering such charts, but be careful to choose your Numerologist wisely as true Numerologists will hand calculate & interpret your details whereas other supposed Numerologists just click a button and let some super duper computer software churn out identical reports for everybody.

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