ZeeVee's ZvBox

ZeeVee's ZvBox had a lot of potential on paper -- after all, who wouldn't be enthused about the possibility of bringing internet TV / DVDs / Blu-rays (via your PC's optical drive) and all sorts of other multimedia to the TV via the coaxial wiring already in your home? Unfortunately, two hamstrung the box major issues: a lofty price tag ($499) and less-than-elegant installation. Still, the unit seemed to work well enough in our testing once we got everything up and running, but we never really found a way to justify the cost. Are any of you early adopters feeling the same way? Disagree vehemently? What could ZeeVee do (or have done) to make the ZvBox a more compelling purchase? We know you've got it in you, so let it all out in comments below.

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