Teclast T50 PMP

At present many people prefer portable media players like MP4 players to MP3 players because they allow you not to just listen to the music but watch clips and movies as well. The variety of them is no smaller than that of MP3 players, so new models, performing even more functions, appear everyday. Another novelty of this kind Teclast T50 has been just designed.

The Teclast T50 portable media player might not have arrived on the scene with a bang, unlike those well-known iPods, but this model sure adds something that the majority of its competitors do not have at the moment - a capacitive multitouch display. Unfortunately, the only available information about the T50 includes the aforementioned display, RVVB, FLV and dual independent audio processors. But it's quite enough to form a general idea of the gadget that seems to be very competitive. As regards the design of the concept I think that it looks great. The main reason for this consists in the fact that due to the touch-sensitive screen given device has just a single button and a big display. Thus, this gadget looks like one of those easy-to-operate devices, from using which you derive a great enjoyment. Yet the lack of the information gives no opportunity to form a clear picture of this concept. But soon you will be able to find everything out, in case it arrives to the USA and Europe.

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