Meditation Machines Ideas that help relieve stress

Anxiety and stress are two silent killers that can affect your health and well being without you ever realizing it. With high-pressure jobs it's natural that you get worked up, but hopefully theses new devices will break the pace and offer some peace and tranquility. The Personal Input Pod is packed with skin-conductivity sensors and hooks up to a Bluetooth-enabled cellphone to control games that you win by relaxing. To illustrate, hold the PIP between your thumb and forefinger, and as you become calmer your game character moves faster toward the finish line. If this is not your way of relaxing, then maybe the Personal Efficiency Trainer will help. The device tracks anxiety so you can pinpoint the exact moment you freaked out. This way, you know what gets you all sweaty and you can try and improve on it. The device is worn on your wrist and senses your skin's electrical conductivity (which increases with sweat). It uses Bluetooth to send data in real time to your computer. Next up is the concept phone from Nokia. The Nokia Eco Sensor custom-ordered phone can monitor your heart rate and the ozone layer with ease. The detectors fit in a solar-powered, neck- or wrist-worn unit that sends data to your cellphone using a wireless technology called near-field communication. Despite all these fancy alternatives, I personally feel the biggest stress buster is laughter, catch a good comedy movie with your loved ones, or simply indulge in some good old fashioned "quality time with family" and you're as good as new. The Personal Input Pod may go on sale later this year, along with a choice of good-for-you games. Brainquiry's Personal Efficiency Trainer retails from $1,850. Pricing for the Nokia Eco Sensor is not yet set.

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