Paul Smith Ping Pong Table: Flea market flash of brilliance!

Hunn Wai is an up and coming designer from the island of Singapore. He tries to combine and fuse materials and forms in his designs. It is probably this very affinity of his that is reflected in his creation Paul Smith Ping Pong Table. The large size of a table tennis table is a huge deterrent for those looking to acquire one. Hunn combines work and play in his creation by making the table versatile enough to be used for purposes other than a 10-point match. Paul Smith Ping Pong Table is a combination of a ping pong table and a workstation. Take a look at the gallery to judge how amazing this collusion of work and play is. Using materials from a flea market i.e. a 2nd hand dining table, steel, lace, and acrylic paint, the young designer assembled a neat and versatile table. When closed, you may play table tennis, or just put down the lace net and use it as a work desk instead. A great example of aesthetics merged with utility, the Paul Smith Ping Pong Table is very unique indeed. And if you’re still wondering about the Paul Smith bit in the name, that is explained by the fact that the inspiration behind the table actually lies behind designer’s prized pair of Paul Smith Bunny sneakers.

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