Natural smartphone cute

Everybody has already get accustomed to the fact that almost all modern devices are made of metal, plastic and glass. These materials are considered to be synonyms of the "high-tech" word because they help devices to look stylish and up-to-date. In spite of this some people think that such devices are too cold and stark, and as a consequence, want them to be warm and natural. Taking into consideration this fact Michael Laut decided to create a natural smartphone.

His gadget named the Chute smartphone represents an outstanding attempt of combining natural materials and modern technologies. Thus, in addition to the fact that given concept is quite a powerful and functional one, like any other ordinary smartphone, its shell is made of bamboo, a high sustainable resource. It's a well-known fact that bamboo is much lighter and stronger than plastic. Moreover it's totally biodegradable and far more Earth friendly in its production than plastics and metals. So it seems that hardly an environmentalist would have something against this gadget. On the other hand it should be mentioned that some customers would probably be slightly disappointed with its characteristics as they are quite ordinary ones. However the distinctive feature of this device will make it competitive enough.

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