iTam Tam Stool/Docking Station for iPod & iPhone

Branex Design’s Hi-Tech iTam Tam Stool/Docking Station for iPod & iPhone : We have seen a number of iPod docking stations since iPod release, till date. But, if you are busy these days exploring your iPhone then instead of shifting your loyalties from Apple’s iPod candy, flaunt them both with this iPod & iPhone docking station called “iTam Tam” that’s also a stool! This revolutionary docking station comes from designer Eric Berthès from Branex Design, the company that created the retro-styled TamTam stools. This one commemorates company’s 40th anniversary. The high-tech stool boasts universal docking for all iPod models and iPhone and also its cord adapter allows any type of audio source including MP3 player from other brands. iTamTam will pump your favorite music through its 2 x 25 W stereo and speaker. It also features 50W digital amplifier technology and a remote control for a approx. $570 in both white and black color options and will be available this April. We are drooling, already..and you?

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