iPhone clone runs Windows Mobile6.

So this iPhone knockoff is running Windows Mobile AND 3x slower than the iPhone. (200 MHz instead of 620 MHz) well I say so what it looks like a mirror image of the real thing if you ignore the 2 cameras and the windows mobile OS running. We did cover another such knockoff which had 6 speakers and 4 new buttons on the front. All that with 128MB of ROM, 64MB of RAM, and a 200MHz TI OMAP850. And despite the cameras, it also runs on EDGE/GPRS networks, not 3G. That's a sweet tribute to the real thing. This phone is purely for those who want the iPhone to run on windows and also are easily lured by the data protection claims. Features a standby time of about 150-340 hours TALK TIME of about 240-360 minutes Priced at $310 and available online if you're interested.

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