Cosmic Shiner Toshiba’s ultra-exclusive invitation revealed

Adding another gem of a handset to the glamorous line up of luxury phones, Toshiba have finally introduced the Cosmic Shiner, a FanFun 815T model studded with diamonds. Only 1000 handsets of the limited edition model will be issued for sale via an interesting invitation only scheme aimed at luring the more elite consumers who will also be entitled to a new Prestige Gold membership service. The glam handset features custom design features by Kansai Yamamoto along with a personalized handmade lacquer box. Buyers will be required to purchase the April issue of Seven Hills magazine to get the required unique ID codes that will initiate the credit-card only purchase process for the $4000 luxury cellphone. further details about the Kyoto concierge membership service which will include various agency arrangements such as hotel and restaurant bookings as well as other special privileges, are due to be released in April only. And to think my cellphone only makes calls and lets me download stupid movies and music only!

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