Asus My Cinema PE9400 Combo allows to watch either analog or digital TV and record two different channels at the same time

Asus today introduced the new PCI-express TV card, the Asus My Cinema - PE9400 Combo. This versatile hardware is able to support both digital (ATSC/QAM) and analog (NTSC) TV programs formats, and is embedded with a MPEG2 hardware encoder for reduced CPU loading with guaranteed high-quality video output – allowing users to enjoy versatility in an all-in-one PC multimedia package. The Asus My Cinema-PE9400 Combo combines the advantages of an analog TV receiver with a digital TV receiver. Users can watch analog TV with digital TV over the air (or digital TV through a standard coaxial cable) simultaneously. With the built-in PBP (picture beside picture) and PIP (picture in picture) functions, users can also watch either analog TV or digital TV, and record a channel, or record two different channels at the same time. The Asus My Cinema - PE9400 Combo provides users with the choice of viewing digital or analog TV programs, schedule recordings, editing home movies, editing and burning DVD/VCDs, listening to FM and MP3 music or sorting videos and photographs. It can also provide a means to monitor the home with the ASUS VideoSecurity Online technology for a home monitoring system. With so many features bundled into one, the ASUS My Cinema – PE9400 Combo is the perfect choice for users to easily turn PCs into full-fledged multimedia entertainment centers.

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