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Kitchen Gadgets Gone are the days when you spent the whole day in the kitchen and ended up with a sad saga of weariness. Today we have the finest kitchen gadgets that are surely of good help when you want to do your work faster. Here are some of the trendy kitchen gadgets that looks cool, easy to handle and can fit into the limited space.
Tongs and graters: Tongs and graters, this gadget has combined two basic kitchen functions into one. Tongs for flipping, dipping and serving, plus built in graters for garnishing salads and pasta.
Jar Opener: Jar opener This device helps you to open the jar with less effort, and minimal time. Fix in place the jar lid, between the metal gripper post that has teeth and appropriate edge of the jar opener and twist. Even your kids will be handy for this work.
The alligator knife: Is the most essential gadget in the kitchen. Choose a knife that is comfortable to handle, is sharp and of course durable. The alligator knife gives you the most perfectly diced onions. It is shaped liked the alligators jaw. All you have to do is place onion on the grid and push the stainless steel blade. Closing the alligators jaw.
Cheese Slicer: It cuts all types of hard cheese. It has got ergonomic design for comfortable hold and easier use. The blade closes with flush edge tool for safe storage. Its adjustable wheel allows the user to slice cheese to their preferences.
Multi- Purpose Shears: Cuts all types of foods, even chicken bones, with minimal effort, because of its ergonomic spring assisted design. It works well on non- food material also. The blades are made of extra- hardened steel to stay sharp longer.
Stir Chef: It's a hand free saucepan stirrer. You will be able to make a cream filling that requires constant stirring while you are busy with your other work. It is strong enough to stir something as heavy as polenta.
Drip -it Funnel: It helps you transfer, cooking oils, ketchup, sauces and more without making a mess. All you have to do is placing the funnel on top of the receiving bottle and secure one clip around the neck. It empties the bottle leaving you with a clean counter.
Tear free onion goggles: You love to cook food with onions, but you hate to shed those tears. Tear free onion goggle can be of good help. It has a thin foam padding surrounding each lens to keep the onion vapors out of your eyes.
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