Digital Rearview Mirror for Bikes

Do you normally use the bike as a transportation method, and are afraid of the traffic (read cars)? If so, check out the upcoming high-tech digital mirror made by Cerevellum, and called Hindsight. This rearview system works in a pretty smart way, and the digital word makes all the difference. Instead of looking at a “normal” mirror like it happens on most cars, the Hindsight consists of a small head-unit display screen that measures 3.5-inches, plus a tiny camera (lenses) placed on the handle bar and faced back, which provides an excellent view of what is happening behind you. So far, the prototype model features a battery life close to 4 hours, 32MB of internal memory to store data, and in case you need more memory there are 4 USB ports.

On the other hand, it might be a bit dangerous to use the Hindsight, because you’ll be looking at the screen, in place of looking to what is on front of you - it all depends on how good of a biker you are. Anyhow, there is an expected price of $200 when it becomes available to the public, maybe in 2008 or 2009.New Gadgets

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