Book Camera will make Stealth Recordings an Easy Work

We already spoke about plenty of surveillance devices. Voice recording watches, bubblegum-sized cameras, etc. However, imagine a situation, when you need to make a step forward in this domain, and make high quality video and sound recordings with a candid camera. Usual miniDV cameras are too big to be well hidden, so you must think about some sort of camouflage. Which thing will be the perfect camouflage of a hidden recorder? Probably a boring looking book will do.

Book Camera is a nifty gadget that enhances your stealth recording experience and bringing it to a new level. It is designed to look like a usual book, you will never guess that in the inside there is surveillance equipment installed and running. It can be left on a bookshelf, controlled with a remote controller it will be a perfect choice for investigations. It is almost completely unnoticeable with its tiny microphone and small lens. It can record high quality video with sound on a SD card, which means that you are limited to the size of your flash card, since we do not know how much do recordings take this is not a pleasant limitation. Nonetheless, this spy gadget will do its work flawlessly, capturing images and storing them inside. All recordings can be data and time stamped, so you will know when the video was recorded.

Maybe these spy gadgets will help us to discover the truth, or to know something that is not meant to be known. However, be careful, because it will be very unpleasant surprise, if somebody discovers that he is being recorded. It is sold for almost 1300 USD, which is a very high price in our opinion.

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