Ality intros Wireless PIXXA Wi-Fi digital photo frame

Ality, developer of innovative digital home products, has now announced its latest Wi-Fi digital photo frame series, the Wireless PIXXA. The Wireless PIXXA digital photo frame comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and lets the users to capture the memories and keep them intact for a life time. You can send your favorite photos directly to the digital display via an instant messenger application. Featuring an 8-inch digital LCD screen, Wireless PIXXA features Photo Messenger to send and receive digital photos just like instant messenger, Live Calendar, Live News, and weather reports. The PIXXA frame allows the users to send greeting cards and invitations digitally. Ality offers an online account for photo-sharing services that includes 50MB of storage for up to 600 photos and the facility to automatically resize photos. The frame then alerts users when an event is scheduled. The new Wireless PIXXA digital photo frame will debut in stores and online retail outlets in the first half of 2008 with a $299 price tag.

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