Home made christmas gifts

Buying gifts for the holidays has become more of a chore than an expression of love and joy. Products that we purchase generally come right off the assembly line with little thought involved. We may give someone a gift that they already have – or a gift that someone else is giving as well. It’s time to go back to the old days when people made gifts to give at Christmas time. A homemade gift truly exemplifies the spirit of Christmas and shows how much you care.

Think about what you like to do in the way of hobbies. Is baking your forte? If so, bake to your heart’s content; put your goods in a gift-wrapped box, and you have a wonderful gift sure to please its recipients. If you like to knit, hats, scarves, slippers, etc. all make fabulous gifts. If you find it hard to be creative, there are kits that you can purchase giving step-by-step instructions to create a homemade piece. They include candles, pottery, stained glass ornaments, embroidery and scented soaps. Perhaps woodworking is your hobby. Who wouldn’t appreciate a homemade hat rack, knick- knack shelf or bookcase?

Let your children be creative as well. There are hundreds of homemade gifts they can create as gifts for the holidays. For older children, potholder kits, beads and paint–by-numbers are fun and easy to do. For younger children, a framed drawing using finger paint or crayons is truly a special gift.

Keep the true meaning of giving during the holidays alive and well. This Christmas made your gifts – you can bet they will be cherished throughout the coming years.

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