Christmas gift guide

Coby 1.5-Inch Digital Photo Keychain (White) - this small and cute gadget will allow your friend to keep pictures of whatever they like and carry them around wherever they go. With its 1.5 inch LCD display, and 3x2x3 dimensions, the photos can be clearly seen. At the same time, your friend can upload up to 60 pictures. It's a great gift for those who are going away this Christmas.

Kodak EasyShare P720 Digital Picture Frame with Home Decor Kit - this eye-catching digital picture frame has a 7 inch LCD screen and a 4:3 Aspect ratio which gives pictures a superb quality and crispness. It's sleek, stylish, and very easy to use. Your friend could even customize the screen to match the d├ęcor of the house or office. A very good gift to give to those who like to have pictures of their family or friends on display.

Kodak EasyShare SV811 8-inch Digital Picture Frame - with its 8-inch LCD screen, pictures can be seen clearly and brightly. It also comes with its own remote control and a 128MB Internal memorty. Add to that a set of built-in speakers for MP3 and video playback, and you've got a great multi-purpose digital picture frame. It surely belongs in the top three of this list of Top 10 digital picture frames - christmas gifts for 2008.

Axion AXN-9702 7-Inch Widescreen LCD Digital Picture Frame with Clock, Calendar and Alarm - the 7-inch, high resolution, widescreen LCD screen alone would want you to get this gift for a friend. Nevertheless add to that the ability of this digital frame to play MP3s, tell the time, wake someone up, and tell the date, and you've got a great Christmas gift!

Coby DP-758 7-Inch Widescreen Digital Photo Frame - at number five in this list of the Top 10 digital picture frames - christmas gifts for 2008 is another Coby digital frame. It is unique in that it can be mounted on the wall or can be put on a stand. It has a 7 inche LCD TFT screen which makes pictures clearer and brighter. At the same time, it's very easy to use, and if your friend wants to add more pictures, they can just put a SD, MMC, or MS Card on the designated slot.

Coby 1.5-Inch Digital Photo Key Chain (Black) - in a digital picture frame this small, one would think that the image would be compromised. Nevertheless that's not the case with Coby's offering. Not only are the pictures crisp and accurate when viewed through the 1.5 LCD screen, this small gadget can store up to 60 photos and can display GIF, JPEG, and Bitmap images. Awesome for something so small, right?

Philips 6.5-Inch Digital Photo Frame (Clear & Black) - this stylish digital frame comes with a 6.5 inch LCD screen, a Photo Manager, multiple memory card compatibility, and a 16MB Internal memory. It's also very easy to use.

Matsunichi Photoblitz 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame - this is a great digital picture frame with many uses. It can be mounted on a wall, or just put on a table. It could also be switched from portrait to landscape modes by just turning the frame. The 7-inch LCD screen makes the pictures even brighter and clearer, too.

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