Cheap gifts for christmas

Aside from Christmas food gifts, you can also make cheap hand-made Christmas gifts because they are more personalized. If you have a knack for visual art, hand-made Christmas gift ideas may include a special painting, a sculpture, or a sewn or knitted item of clothing. If you’re into photography, a candid framed photo of your recipient is touching. If you are into cooking, cook your specialty dish or specialty dessert and send it your recipient. And if you’re literary inclined, try writing a short story or a poem for him or her and have it published.

Remember, most people cherish and appreciate home and hand-made Christmas gifts because of the effort the giver exerted just to come up with the present. If you don’t have the knack for cooking, writing, drawing or any visual art, don’t lose hope yet. You can still come up with cheap but great Christmas gift items by scouting bazaars, stores on sale and malls. Before doing that, you must set your budget first. These days, more and more stores offer frugal gift items that can be purchased. Here is the top 10 list of cheap but great Christmas gift ideas you can give out this Yuletide season. These wide range of Christmas gift ideas will surely rock your Christmas festivities and though they’re cheap, the Christmas gift ideas can personify the hope and joy the season brings.

Unique Christmas decors and ornaments.
A set of cheap teacups and saucers with box of special or herbal tea.
Cheap gourmet coffees in a personal coffee cup.
Scrapbook or collage of photos.
Home-made treats such as cookies and candies arranged in a Christmas-inspired jar.
A fruit basket filled with a cheap but wide selection of fruits.
A Christmas food basket filled with different cheese and cheap wine.
A disposable camera that comes with rolls of film.
A basket of fancy chocolate bars beautifully tied with colorful ribbons.
Special set of holiday serving bowls, platters, and glasses.

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