Special christmas gifts

Without a doubt, the finest gift you can give to your Mother on Christmas is just your being there to celebrate with her. Nevertheless, you know that your Mom loves those pretty wrapped packages with the great big ribbons and bows– who doesn’t? So, let’s see if we can come up some unique and special ideas for her! What did you give her last year? Jewelry, perfume, clothes – well don’t go there! You need to come up with something new and different this year. You want to surprise her and show her what a clever person you are and how much you love her! Here are a few ideas that span the realm of the budget:

If Money is No Object: How about a cruise package for two (not you and your Mom – this is for your Mom & Dad) to the Caribbean! Sure – this isn’t a cheap Christmas gift but if money is really not an object, what a great way to show your parents how much you care and how much you appreciate everything they have done for you over the years. And, I bet she wouldn’t be expecting cruise tickets in that great big gaily packaged Christmas gift box!

Let’s Scale Down a Bit : Alright – the cruise to the Caribbean is a little far out of your budget! How about a gift certificate for a weekend at a Bed and Breakfast for Mom & Dad? I am sure that there are plenty of beautiful areas not far from your home that would be perfect for a weekend get-a-way that would please them and not break your bank. Whether it is in the mountains, by a lake, or by the ocean, a weekend devoted to relaxation, good eating and no chores is a Christmas gift sure to be appreciated by every Mom!

We Need to Scale Down a Bit Further : A Christmas gift of pampering just for Mom – a gift certificate to a spa may be just the thing. Whether it is for a one-time visit or for repeated visits, this is a Christmas gift that is specifically for her. The woman loves to be pampered and taken care of, and this is a time devoted just to her and her enjoyment. No worries about what needs to be done at home, no stress, no thinking about any one else – just relaxation and leisure time. And, of course, she will look like a million dollars after her special day.

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