Family gifts for christmas

Every Christmas seasoned, if you are Christian, you should always remember and honor the birth of Christ. Giving Christian gifts to your family, friends and fellow church members is one of the appropriate ways of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and in the traditional gift-giving aspect of Christmas as portrayed in the Book of Matthew. Christians believe that the birth of Jesus fulfilled many prophecies made hundreds of years before his birth. In the book of Matthew we are told that wise men (Magi) came from the east and traveled many miles to worship and give gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to honor the birth of the Christ child, the messiah; The King of Kings!

Remembering the birth of Jesus is a central way the Christians should always celebrate Christmas. Over the centuries Christians have held this tradition as part of the celebration of Christ's birth. Did you know that the word "Christmas" originated as a contraction of the two words "Christ's mass?" Did you know that the word "holidays" originated as a contraction of the two words "Holy days?" Did you know that the Santa Claus of today was really Saint Nicholas? He was a devoted Christian man born in the third century who lived in Myra, a small town in Turkey. He became so Christ-like in his character that when the town needed a Bishop they elected him! Legend is told that Saint Nicholas would put on a disguise and go out and give gifts to all the poor children. After he died, the people in the region continued his tradition to give to the poor anonymously.

Giving your family, friends and fellow church members Christian gifts as Christmas gifts will be truly special to their lives all year long. They serve as a reminder of our love for Christ, and our Father in Heaven. They will also serve as symbols of encouragement. They emphasize on our family core values that all Christians hold dear, and want to pass along to family, friends and fellow church members. They are a visual reminders of the Christian way of life for any one who displays them.

There is a wide variety of Christian gifts in the marketplace to choose from. Christian themed: pictures, figurines, statues, plaques, planters, lamps, candleholders, nightlights, stained glass, wall hangings, wind chimes, and water fountains just to name a few. Angels are also very popular, and make wonderful Christmas gifts too! The Bible tells us the Archangels, Seraphim, Cherabim, Thrones, and Guardian angels are the servants and messengers of God. They are invaluable as emissaries between God and man, heaven and earth. Shepherds from the fields surrounding Bethlehem were told of Christ's birth by an angel, and were the first to see the child. They sometimes warn us of danger and protect us from evil.

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