Christmas gifts for teenagers

Coming up with great gift ideas for a teenager is not an easy task. Teenagers often seem very difficult to please, because their tastes change often, and quickly. Add that to constantly changing fads and trends, and you have a recipe for gift giving headaches. Knowing your teenager well will help you choose the best gift ideas specifically for them, but when all else fails try some of these more standard and easy gift ideas.

Junk baskets. This doesn't sound as bad as you might think, because we're talking about junk food. Candy is a favorite of all teenagers, and chocolate is particularly adored by teenage girls. So an easy gift idea for any teenager is simply to put together a basket, bowl, or other container that is filled to the brim with their favorite junk foods.

Sports memorabilia. Boys particularly love sports throughout the teenage years, and many girls do too. So buying any types of sports memorabilia for them is usually a safe bet for gift idea. The simplest thing you can do buy a jersey with their favorite sports team name on it. Teenage girls might actually enjoys a team jersey as a nightshirt or night gown as well.

Anything music related. Teenagers love music, they usually have their own favorite genres and bands so buying them actual CDs can sometimes be tricky. Alternatives to this problem of course include buying them a gift certificate to their favorite music store, or buying them things such as MP3 players for them to store their own music on. There are also many websites where you can actually buy gift certificates for downloadable music tracks.

Beanbag or papasan chairs. Beanbag chairs are always fun for people of all ages. A papasan chair is a more sophisticated version of this. It's normally made of lightweight wicker and it's designed in a circular shape which you can sink down into. These are very comfortable and enjoyable for just lounging around. When all else fails of course, and you really can't think of any good gift ideas for the teenagers in your life, then you can always fall back to plain old money. Teenagers always adore receiving money as a gift, and if you're uncomfortable with giving it to them outright try putting it into a wallet for boys or a change purse for girls.

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