Cheap gift ideas for christmas

Generic gifts you can give everyone include tins of biscuits, chocolates or shower gel. You could always buy jewelry for those closest to your heart. Nevertheless what if you are broke? Nothing beats home made christmas gifts for that personal touch. On top of that, something you took the time and trouble to create with your own hands would be more important to those closest to your heart. Here are some relatively easy to make christmas gifts.

One man's junk is another's treasure. Turn unwanted stuff to lovely gifts by ransacking the attic. Can you find old beads that no one wants? How about those tacky bead curtains that no one would ever use? Or maybe old christmas ornaments that don't look right on your modern Christmas tree. Get a length of elastic. Cut up those bead curtains. Mix and match the beads from the curtains, old necklaces and loose beads that you have found. String them together on elastic strips to make one-of-a-kind bracelets that would make excellent christmas gifts for the girls (young and old) in your gift list.

How much time have you got to make the gift? Can you knit? Sew? If you have the time and patience, you could do a cross stitch picture on a square piece of cloth and sew that onto a cushion cover. Pick a design you know he, or she would like and stitch away. Or you could knit a scarve, or a sweater, depending on your skill and the quantity of time you have to make that gift.

Are you better at woodwork? If you can make a magazine rack, well and good. If not, a photo frame might be an easier task. With 2 pieces of plywood, a saw you can make a simple frame to hold a photo that captures a precious shared memory.

Memories are precious. For your loved ones, consider making a book of memories? Take a journal and let your artistic side run wild. Paste photos onto each sheet of the journal, depicting past moments that matter to the recipient. Write a little message on each page, in line with each event.Decorate each page to your best ability.

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