2009 Romantic christmas gift ideas

Imagine that? I wonder what it must be like for any child to sneak downstairs during the night and see mummy kissing Santa Claus - would they be upset, or would they simply be amazed to see Santa - the 'real deal' - standing in their own home? What they probably wouldn't consider though is that the man they're mistaking for good old Santa Claus is - likely - daddy in disguise. Mummy isn't engaging in some illicit affair with the spirit of Christmas, but is instead giving the man in her life her own special romantic gift. Of course, there is also the question of why exactly he's dressed up as Santa Claus when the kids are in bed, but we can come to that later.

Christmas is a time for loved ones to express their true feelings for each other with romantic gifts - maybe even with a silver love heart sweet. Although, now available in something a little more long lasting that sugar, these sweets are originally the creation of the same firm behind the ubiquitous Parma Violets, and are somewhat reminiscent of innocent schoolyard romances. One of the great things about these sweets is that the message changed with the flavour - which was always suggestive of fruit, but not quite that good - and perhaps even the colour, meaning that the object of your affections could have a new taste experience - not to mention a new romantic gift - that entirely suited either your mood, or their taste. And because there was a whole packet of the things, you could say "I love you," or "great lips," or even "marry me," as often as you wanted to.

Nevertheless fizzy sweets aren't the only way to let someone know how you feel - when it comes to confectionery, romantic Christmas gifts can also come as that last Rolo. Now available in hallmarked gold, one of the greatest symbols of love ever devised by a manufacturer of confectionery is essentially little more than chocolate and caramel. Nevertheless to see this sweet in such an unromantic way is to undermine its true significance as a gift of love - after all, Rolo's are so delicious that you'd have really to love someone to give the last one away as a romantic gift.

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