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Are you going to attend your best friend's wedding or a close relative's? Then surely the worrisome part right now is what gift should you get the couple. Going out shopping for wedding gifts is not a very difficult task. This is because at the very base the couple are going to begin a life together and first and foremost they would be putting up a home. If this were the situation then getting them household appliances and equipment would be something that would be appreciated. If the person or couple getting married is known to you closely then you could in fact ask them what they would need to set-up their new home. And they would rather inform you than let you make any wasteful expenditure on something that would be o no use to them. Depending on your budget you could select from wedding gifts such as cutlery or crockery, cookware, upholstery, showpieces, wall hangings, a dinner-set, tea-set, the list is numerous. Basically, you should send them something unique and useful at the same time.

In fact a unique gift you could send or take for the newly weds is an idol of the god they worship. This is considered an auspicious gift and yet is rarely given to couples. If you want to get them something on the lighter side then maybe you could purchase a pair of t-shirts. The one for the groom could have the bride's name or photograph printed and the one for the bride would have her groom's name or photo printed. This is surely something they would treasure.

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Alan Roberta said...

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just Ron said...

We now offer the ability to make Armadillo Dollars as place cards. While the graphics haven’t been uploaded yet, look at “The Armadillo Dollar Card Folder”.

You will be giving a very practical and memorable gift.

The name of the wedding party appears on one side, the Armadillo Dollar logo on the other. They will then have received protection from the newest threat to our finances: “Wireless Identity Theft” in the form of a keepsake.

Any questions, feel free to visit and look at the videos. They say it all.

God bless you and keep you safe!

Ron Hatton