Toshiba TVs HD 1080p to integrate PS3 Cell Processor

Apparently Toshiba is working on integrating an alternate of the Cell Processor (used in the PS3) to power the conversion from standard definition to HD 1080p in some TV sets. As Ubergizmo puts it, "This will make Standard Definition (SD) look like High Definition (HD) and while it is not true, it is safe to say that a good upscaler can prevent SD from looking very bad (blocky) on a large HDTV." Sony sold the right to Toshiba to manufacture the Cell processor; the economic sense for using PS3 Cell is questionable. PS3 Cell is capable of scaling more than one HD stream, so it seems overkill - unless Toshiba wants to incorporate HD picture in picture (PIP). Unless Toshiba is using a "Cell-like" processor with less SPEs (computing-cores) would the project make more sense.

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