Sanyo GPS with SSD memory doubles as a Tivo

While we get satellite radio the Japanese get digital TV on the move, and the new Sanyo GPS see to it that you dont miss your favorite programs when on the move. Sanyo Japan has announced NV-SD700DT and NV-SB360DT GPS units which come with 4GB SSD memory, a zippy processor and the newly developed Gorilla engine which can easily process traffic data, GPS co-ordinates and playback music at the same time. The comes NV-SD700DT with a 7 inch touchscreen and two antennas whereas the NV-SB360DT comes with 4.5 inch screen and a single antenna. Both the models have a One Seg tuner with support for recording via EPG using which the unit can be pre-programmed upto 10 different programs on a SD card. A 16GB card can hold upto 80 hours of digital TV recording. Apart from this the units constantly monitor your vehicle speed and warn you of over speeding and even during rapid acceleration as that causes more pollution. Both the models will be hitting Japanese stores on April 21. The NV-SD700DT will be selling for 105,000 Yen ($ 1050) and the NV-SB360DT for 85,000 Yen ($ 850)

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