Nokia N810 WiMAX is official launched at CTIA

Yes the Nokia N810 WiMAX launched at CTIA in Las Vegas. We could not give you much details before but now it's a diff story isn't it. It features4.13-inch touchscreen, Slide-out QWERTY keyboard A built-in webcam for video calls, Mozilla-powered browser, Integrated GPS / media player, 2GB of internal memory and a microSD expansion slot. Access to the Internet over WiFi or via conventional cellular data networks by pairing to a compatible mobile phone via Bluetooth technology. Also announced is the freshly updated OS2008, which includes an enhanced e-mail client, support for Chinese character rendering in the browser and RSS feeds and "Seamless Software Update functionality" to boot. The OS will come standard on the currently unpriced Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition -- which is scheduled to land wherever WiMAX connectivity is available -- but existing N810 / N800 owners will also get the OS upgrade free of charge in Q2.

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