MSV Satellite Phone Lost

MSV (Mobile Satellite Ventures) has developed a prototype phone that looks pretty similar to the touch-screen satphone Naomi used to call for help when she fell into the hands of the Oceanic 815 survivors. Apparently the L-Series satellite phone will be available in 2010, and it will use a new hybrid satellite/cellular system based on two satellites that MSV is launching in 2009. The phone will use cellular coverage when it's in range and satellite coverage when no cell service is available. Non-working models of the phone were seen at the CTIA, and the specs read a 320-by-480 multi-touch screen; smartphone style applications; high-speed Internet access with WiFi, cellular, and satellite connectivity; a Web cam; and a speakerphone. The phone is slated to measure only .6 inches. The MSV phone will get satellite access only in North America; because that's the range the two MSV's satellites will cover. MSV is also developing a ruggedized satellite phone, the R-Series.

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