Micro SD Card Projector

Picture this conversation between Batman and Superman in a crowded mall, "Quick Batty, remove the Micro SD Card Projector that I gave you this Christmas, I want to load this file and project my new look; so that the people can know that I have changed my style…I no longer wear red underwear outside my suit. I wear a pink one!" The point is, projectors are getting cheaper and plebeian by the day; it's no longer a fancy gadget that Mr. Moneybags indulges in. This one features an SD card slot on the rear of the projector and supports a variety of digital video formats, MP3s and even photos. It also includes composite audio and video connections for connecting a DVD player or gaming console. The Micro SD Card Projector is powered by a set of 4 AA batteries which give it a maximum projection of about 40 inches x 33 inches. It's available from DrinkStuff.com for about $197.

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