Amazon Launches TextBuyIt service

Amazon is set to make online purchases from its website straight from a consumer's pocket, via their cell phones. Amazon TextBuyIt, which launched late Tuesday, lets people text the name of a product, its description or its UPC or ISBN to 262966 (that's "Amazon" on the keypad) from anywhere their cell phones work — including from inside physical stores. If Amazon stocks matching items, the service returns two results at a time. Shoppers can immediately buy one of the first two the selections by texting back the number "1" or "2," or they can ask for more by texting the letter "M." If you are a new TextBuyIt customer then you will be prompted to enter the e-mail address associated with your existing Amazon account plus a shipping zip code. The service then calls you and walks through the checkout process using an automated voice system. Shoppers get confirmation by text message and e-mail. Now isn't that one way to out beat competing services?

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