3G iPhone by June 2008

According to the evidence pieced together by MacRumors, we can expect the the 3G iPhone to hit the stands by June 2008. Presently the iPhone only offers 2.5G (EDGE) speeds but when Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone in January 2007, he specifically said that Apple plans on making "3G phones and all sorts of amazing things in the future". Why didn't he make the phone 3 G in the first place was because excessive power consumption from 3G chipsets meant lower battery life and a bulky size if a bigger capacity battery was to be incorporated. The newly announced 3G chipsets promise to address these power issues. Goldman Sachs Analysts predicted that the iPhone would see two updates in 2008. The first minor update was predicted to be a Flash memory upgrade in the 1st half of the year; resulting in the release of the 16GB iPhone in Feb. the predicted a "major" upgrade in the second half of the year; resulting in the 3G announcement. Bank of America sources suggest that the 3G iPhone will begin limited production in May with a ramp up in June. Apple has acquired trademark rights to use the name "iPhone" in Japan a country that interestingly has a 3G network but no EDGE network. Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference is taking place from June 9-13th this year. So it's natural to assume that they would release the pepped up phone then.

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