wooden reel rocking chair David Meddings' amazing

All my friends who took psychology in college never fail to give me a full-blown lecture on my repressed natal instincts or something every time I curl up with my knees close to my body. I mean c’mon it’s a darn comfortable position man. Anyhow, for people who really like to curl-up and get cozy with a book or with a blanket in a rocking chair, these amazing rockers made from real wooden reels similar to those used for transporting power cables, might interest you a lot. Created by David Meddings of Reel Furniture, these chairs made out of recycled timber offer a very relaxing reclining position for a short nap, if you know what I mean. House it in your yard or garden or simply put it up on your back porch and enjoy lazing about in the most soothing position you can find on a piece of timber. P.S. you might wanna invest in a little custom-made cushioning too if you have that bad habit of falling dead asleep in your rockers. Yours for £435.

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