Tonium Pacemaker Mobile DJ'ing getting hotter by the day

An all new trend, Dj’ing on the go is getting hotter by the day, with the uber-bling, ultra hot Tonium Pacemaker now available on order. This very cool piece of bling-kit is a handheld DJ mixer that allows you to do your music mixing gig on the go and let’s you set the pace of the party, literally. Basically, the Tonium Pacemaker is battery powered handheld mixer which comes with a nice and big 120Gigabytes of storage memory where you can line up all your party music. That is not all, the Tonium also doubles up as an MP3 player, a-la-iPod. To spin all that music, you need the ultra portable Tonium’s immense processing power, which lets you mix and spin limitlessly on 2 independent channels with the Tonium’s very cool palm controls. The Tonium also has a very innovative hand controlled user interface which lets you select tracks, mix them and belt them out for the party crowd. One neat touch is the Save facility, using which you can save all the numbers you have mixed and play it later so that you can join the party and let Tonium do all the playing.

Tonium pacemaker 2 That is very nice touch indeed. The Tonium pacemaker also comes with two outputs, one for your external speakers and the other for your headphones. Maybe, next time Tonium can come with a mic output for all your shout out’s. This is one hard playing music machine which can just quietly so sit inside your pocket when you want things just a little quieter. This baby comes in at almost half a grand Brit pounds, at £449 to be precise. Happy Mixing.
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