Seura TV Mirrors give mirrors a new meaning

A twist to the fabled question, "Mirror Mirror on the wall!" is the range of television mirrors from Seura. The company is offering three models for a range of TV sizes with the highlight being their ability to completely disappear when turned off. Giving vanity a kick in the butt, the mirrors incorporate LCD TVs that entertain you while you do your thing….like washing hands! Apparently Redstone American Grill in Minnesota has fitted Seura TV mirrors just over urinals so that guests on dates won't have a problem checking those basketball scores while they dine there! Seura's television mirrors come in three series: Enhanced Series, featuring vanity mirrors with vanishing technology so the TV screen isn't in view when off; Premier Series, for the larger-size decorative art mirrors, also featuring the vanishing technology; and the Decouverte Series vanity mirror that does not incorporate the vanishing tech. for the less flamboyant, check out their illuminated mirror range.

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