Saleen S5S Raptor

Saleen – the American manufacturer of high performance sports cars and automotive parts – plan to have their very own car hit the roads in about two years. The car, the S5S Raptor, was introduced at the recent New York Auto Show. Designed to compete with high performance sports cars by Ferrari and Lamborghini, the Raptor delivers 650 horsepower at 6300 rpm and 630 pound feet of torque at 4400rpm. Capable of hitting 60mph in 3.2 seconds, the car has been designed to digest ethanol fuel, a little something for the environmentalists and advocates of oil independence around the world.

The S5S Raptor can be equipped with a close ratio six speed manual or optional paddle shifting sequential gearbox that can send the car to the top speed of over 200mph. The primary designer of the car was a Dave Byron from ASC Creative Services, America's largest independent automotive design firm. With the car looking at hitting the market in as little as two years, it will approximately carry the base price of $ 185, 000 – roughly the cost of the Ferrari F430. So for the boys or girls who can afford this sweet ride…you lucky buggers.

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