Private cloud

Many people while looking at the clouds imagine that they are lying on them, experiencing a great feeling of lightness and liberty. But now due to the new concept of German designer Manuel Kloker your dreams may come true, that is you can have your own cloud. The gadget that has been just patented represents a rocking bed named Private Cloud. It has such a strange shape that nothing of this kind has been created before. Lying on this original bed is like living in the clouds (that's why it was given such an unusual name). The fact that the bed is made of high quality wood points to its structural strength. Moreover it's quite capacious, so there would be no problem to locate some friends of yours. Thus, due to the main features of this bed it's possible to conclude that it can fit well to almost any interior without spoiling it. As far as the price is concerned no information is available at the moment. Yet, it does not mean that this "cloud" is just a concept, it's real. It seems that somebody already wants to by a private cloud, isn't it so? In case you are one of those I hope that the price of this gadget will be affordable enough. Frankly speaking, taking into consideration the materials this bed is made of I don't think that it will be a really expensive one.

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