Oxygen therapies at your doorstep

The most basic and vital ingredient for living a healthy life is focusing on a proper intake of most basic element Oxygen. All of us know that but most of us cannot put it into practice for reasons best known to us. That’s when the need of supplementing our O2 supply creeps in. Supposed to improve health and well-being, oxygen bars date back to the late 90s but it’s the need to get it at your doorstep that has been in focus recently. Where else but from the land of rising sun, you can expect the most ingenious methods to gain the most of Oxygen in our own dens. From an array of products, a few caught my attention. Like the black IDEA 02 Science tank from Adrect that along with providing O2, it also houses an internal phone, music system, and features faux leather trims. While the Dream-Plus (pink model) from Kawasaki can be customized in colors and with graphics. And if these get bulky, then you can grab O2 Jet System from OxyBar Japan which is a combination ambient light and oxygen producer.

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