Onyx Liscio Cell Phone for the UK

A new UK-based company named Onyx has released its first offering -- the Liscio. The tri-band phone Liscio features a 1.10-inch 96 x 96 pixels OLED full-color display, 128MB built-in memory, Micro SD card slot of up to 1GB cards size, MP3 player, built-in FM radio, and Bluetooth v1.2 connectivity. Very basic, isn't it? No camera. No 3G. If you're interested in a basic black phone, however, the Onyx Liscio will be available as a SIM-free handset in www.onyxinnovation.com for around US$260 to be sold in the UK. By the bye, if you're thinking this handset is familiar, then you're right. Thanks to mobile magazine, we figured out that the Onyx Liscio is the repackaged Haier Black Pearl which was released prior to Liscio under a variety of other names.

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