Mpio 3-inch ultra-slim PMP 'V10'

Mpio's ultra-slim PMP 'V10' features a 3-inch wide touch screen with 480 x 272 resolution. The player measures only 15.4 mm thick and weighs about 108gm. The capacity of the player can be expanded up to 16GB via SD/SDHC cards. It promises five hours of video playing time and eight hours of audio playing time, so that means you can two movies at a stretch or listen to music while you work (assuming you have an 8 hour shift!). The player runs on Windows CE 5.0 Core and supports a variety of video formats including H.264, DivX, XivD, WMV7/8/9, MPEG2/4, VOB, and TS. Specs also include MP3 playback, FM radio, e-book, photo viewer, voice recorder, electronic dictionary function and more. Mpio 3-inch ultra-slim PMP 'V10' is priced at 228,000 KRW or $230 for 4GB and 268,000 KRW or $270 for 8GB. It will be available in Korea.

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