Motorized Monocycle Lavish single wheel ride through busy roads

With a fiberglass frame housed in a 67″ diameter outer flywheel, the Motorized Monocycle might just be the most glamorous single wheel ride in town. Powered by a 31cc, four-stroke 11/2-hp engine and a centrifugal clutch located in the monocycle’s inner steel casing, the innovative vehicle has all its drivetrain components and the fuel tank snugly fitted in the fiberglass enclosure while its outer frame provides a rather narrow and not-so-comfortable-looking cushioned seat and footrests. Ideal for riders up to 6′ 3″ tall and under 275 lbs in weight, the monocycle can cruise for over two hours on less than half a gallon of gasoline at top speed of 25 mph, which may not seem like much prima facia, but you should really keep in mind that the unique structure of the vehicle might become a real handful to maneuver at higher speeds. The single-wheeled head-turning journey asks for a cool $12,999.95.

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