Magic Mirror concept phone: The genie awaits your wish

We, over at BornRich, are big fans of concept gadgets. Take a look at the Magic Mirror communication device by Timofej Gorlov, which grabbed first position at the Tancher design competition. Ingeniously designed Magic Mirror concept phone has all the internal electronics concealed inside a glass sphere, the magic crystal and there are two displays. The image on the displays comes from internal electronics or delivered from the six internal cameras. The screen can also be made to produce a magnifying glass effect. The device can even read your lip movements and recognize your verbal commands, thanks to the cameras and internal electronics. Animated realistic changes between chronometer, magnifying glass, mirror, compass, news box, phone, media player, TV make for some kinda magical effect. At the base of the device is a glass frame that allows limiting access to control and to superfluous perusal of object. This creates illusion of additional movement in internal space on displays.

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