LG VX9700- unconfirmed specs and pics

What I really like about upcoming, unannounced products is the gossip session that preludes the official announcement. Take for example the FCC approved LG VX9700, there is no official word on it but speculations on it have already started. Apparently the phone will be on Verizon Wireless, it will feature 3.2-megapixel camera, using a Schneider Kreuznach lens. Speculations also suggest that the phone memory can be expanded with microSDHC cards and sync can be conducted through a micro-USB port. It also seems to support T9 entry, multi-tap, or an on-screen QWERTY keyboard for keying text. An anonymous source has been kind enough to supply a photo and as can be seen, it looks pretty similar to the Prada phone, with a touchscreen being the highlight instead of a dedicated keyboard or numberpad. The VX9700 is alleged to be shipping by the end of March, but could be delayed as far as April or May.

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