Ice Cream Phone LG announces

With the summer looming ahead, hot days and sweaty armpits are due; so what better way to combat the heat than announcing the LG-LH5000 Ice Cream Phones. Theses really cool phones (no pun intended) feature ice cream inspired colors with LED lighting. The pastel-toned lights flash during an incoming call and the orange colored LED light emote cute emoticons such as heart and smiling face are displayed on the front panel. Specs include a 2.2-inch color screen with QVGA resolution, email receiving, video telephony, electronic dictionary function, 2M camera and more. The 13.6mm-thick clamshell LG Ice Cream Phones are named vanilla (pure white), strawberry (sweet pink) and pistachio (sweet blue). The phones will be available in the Korean market between 400,000(KRW) or $404 and 500,000(KRW) or $505.

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