Hino Recharge your hybrid wirelessly.

Hino, the heavy-duty vehicle subsidiary of Toyota, has developed a rather ingenious solution: wireless recharging. Hino's new fleet of buses is currently undergoing a two-week testing period at Tokyo's Haneda airport where the buses cover a 4.2 kilometer route. The energy in the batteries doesn't come from a plug; it comes from a wireless charging system built into the road. Charging a large amount of electricity quickly without using cords enables the bus to provide longer distance services, since the bus uses only electricity, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by about 60 percent compared with regular buses. About that cordless charging; apparently it is using an electromagnetic inductive charging setup. There is a coil on the bottom of the bus and also one embedded in concrete. The efficiency and speed of the charging system is not stated. Unfortunately, transferring electricity wirelessly is invariably inefficient. Generally less than half of the energy transmitted actually gets picked up by the receiver. This would likely tilt the carbon equation in favor of the diesel engine, rather than the grid.

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