Gadget watches Ultimate

Just think how many things we should take with us everyday - cell phone, watch, mp3-player and etc. Moreover we should always keep in mind what exactly we want to take and even when everything is with us there is a need to be careful not to lose something. Because of this all companies, which produce different devices, try to make "all-in-one" gadgets. As a consequence all modern devices, especially cell phones, are supplied with clock, organizer, mp3-player and so on. Think Geek Company, trying to combine as many functions as it possible in a single device, designed video-watch with OLED display. Thus, this gadget is able to show time, photos, videos and even eBooks. So instead of "boring" time you can listen to music for example. Built-in microphone allows you to record whatever you want. Actually this watch has a lot of characteristics that are mentioned below:
* Memory: built-in, 2Gb
* Display's resolution: 128x128 pixels
* Mp3-player
* Slide-show mode
* Built-in microphone
* 3D sound
* Rechargeable battery - via USB
* Dimensions: 4x3,8x1,2cm
* Wristlet's length - 22cm
* As a unit: headphones, CD with a driver for PC, service instruction and USB cable
So, this gadget features quite a significant number of functions that make it enough competitive among modern hi-end devices. Yet, in my opinion it's better to buy a Smartphone, which for sure has more functions and bigger display. But, in case data is true and the price is just about $ 100, demand for this watch will be quite big.

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