Exmocare BT2 Work workout at the desk boss is tracking it all

The days of the 9 to 5 workaholic are not yet numbered but the number of the nosey employers are on a rise. Considering that many of us express a sign of relief every time their boss leaves the office, this next technology won't let us rest even then. Exmocare's "BT2" system monitors heart rate, body temperature, and other vitals with Bluetooth devices strapped to the wrist that send regular reports wirelessly for supervisors to peruse, according to Gadget Venue. Although it's sure to be touted as a safety mechanism in workplaces where employee health might be compromised, it's about as high on the Orwellian scale as you can get. What happens, for example, if a pulse rate soars when a worker views an unauthorized Web site? He may get brownie points for being alert on the job but his vitals could show otherwise.

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