Exclusive Vertu

At the moment many companies, focusing on the customers' needs, produce a great variety of different exclusive cell phones, which are very original and expensive. Their price varies from some thousands to million USD or even more. Yet, despite their expensiveness quite a significant amount of people buy these devices because possessing of such a unique thing emphasizes both their well-being and individuality.

Recently Vertu company that represents an affiliated undertaking of Nokia Corporation started to sell its new cell phone. Ascent Ti gadget works at 3G and four types of GSM. It has a digital camera of 3 megapixels and is made of titanium, leather and sapphire. But the main distinctive feature is an exclusive function of this cell phone. In case there is a need Ascent Ti owner can save any kind of information at the remote server. To do so he/she has just to choose the data for transmission. All the information will be kept in a special secure place. So, if there is a necessity customer can easily restore the data. New product will be sold at quite a moderate price - 00. Actually it's not so cheap, but in comparison with the previous Vertu models - 88 and 130 thousand of US dollars, respectively - this price can be considered as a reasonable one. As far as the design of this gadget is concerned it will fit business people perfectly. Thus, given device represents an outstanding attempt of combining quality, exclusiveness and accessibility. However, this Vertu model still remains unattainable for middle class customers.

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