DirecTV or Dish Network - Who Has The Best HDTV Services

Viewing satellite television high definition is the next step in enhancing television viewing. Both the major service providers in America, Dish network and DirecTV offer excellent High definition viewing facilities by addressing this need in their own respective ways. The service provides the customer with a free of cost satellite TV system which has a satellite dish and a 4-room receiver system. They also provide a free HDTV receiver. This receiver provides the best quality picture in high definition and also provides a Dolby Digital surround system to give you a listening experience that boasts of being three dimensional.

Whilst Dish network provides this HDTV receiver for free, DirecTV customers have to mail in a $99 rebate for the same facility. Both these providers offer a set of HDTV DVR receivers for $199. By means of this facility you can record the shows, pause an ongoing show and rewatch the whole show if desired. DISH Network HD service has to offer over 30 channels in high defintion in their bronze package costing $29.99 a month, which include channels like Discovery HD, Equator HD, Animania HD, ESPN HD, Film Fest, FU, Food Network HD, HD News, HDNet Movies, World Cinema, Monsters HD, Majestic HD, HGTV and many more. n the other hand DirecTV offers an 8-channel package in HD that includes HD Net, Discovery HD Theatre, ESPN HD, HD Pay-Per-View, ESPN2 HD, HD Net Movies, Universal HD and TNT HD for $9.99 per month. Though both the service providers are very similar in their services and the quality of service that they provide, DISH network still takes the trophy with 30 HD channels compared to the 8 HD channel package offered by DirecTV.
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