BMW Hydrogen 7 exhales clean air

The exhaust coming out a BMW Hydrogen 7 claims to be cleaner than the air that car draws in to the engine. The car was tested at the Argonne National Laboratories and they say that the clean air is expelled when the car is running in the mono-fuel hydrogen mode. This means that the car has a regular gasoline mode as there are few Hydrogen filling stations. "The BMW Hydrogen 7's emissions were only a fraction of SULEV level, making it one of the lowest emitting combustion engine vehicles that have been manufactured," said Thomas Wallner, a mechanical engineer who leads Argonne's hydrogen vehicle testing activities. "Moreover, the car's engine actively cleans the air. Argonne's testing shows that the Hydrogen 7's 12-cylinder engine actually shows emissions levels that, for certain components, are cleaner than the ambient air that comes into the car's engine."

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