Bath at Hotel Victor World’s Most Expensive for $11,000

This soak is strictly for those who can afford not only to read about the most expensive stuff but all indulge in some. Earlier we have mentioned about the limited edition and pricey edible water, Evian. But that was for guzzling down to quench your thirst. This time it’s a dip in about 1000 liters of Evian Natural Spring Water that sums up to the Most Expensive Bath. Folks at Hotel Victor have bought to our notice that at $5,000 a pop and available exclusively in the $6,000 per night penthouse suite of the hip Miami Beach hotspot Hotel Victor, the Evian Experience is the world's most expensive bath for $11,000. And this package also takes care of your appetite for luxurious food as well as customized spa services. Roll over to know more about the EVIAN BATH.
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