Bamboo Degradable Cell Phone Concept

Nokia Remade isn't the only phone concept which looks promising or, at the very least, intriguing. This entry in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition 2008 is every bit as sensational, although whether it actually hits the stores, I leave that up to time. Called the Bamboo, this is a degradable cell phone concept designed as an environmental-friendly device. The Bamboo's casing is made of bio-plastic made of renewable natural resources like corn, and Bamboo, which, when harvested, grows back in due time. What's more, after a year or so and you decide not to use the phone anymore, you can bury the print board, battery, and antenna in compost, which will then disintegrate, releasing bamboo seeds that would grow into new plants. The phone will also feature an energy-efficient monochrome display, and a hand-crack with which to re-charge the device. A 3-minute cranking session could provide enough power for one phone call. What better way to get those arm muscles tones and help save the environment at the same time?

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